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Euro Science Certificate (EC)

 Scientific Standard Certificated- SCC-2000
Euro Science Certificate (EC) is a certificate for confirming scientific programs and reports around the world.

  is one of Science Explorer Publications Products for confirming conference,invents,and etc...

All Scientific centers,conferences,universities and etc can apply for this certificate. For this matter please contact with: info@explorerpub.com and please write Euro Science Certificate request in your Email title. Iranian authors can contact with Mr. Majid Khayyatnezhad at Iran with: khayatneghad@yahoo.com.
After contact and sending your request we will export certificates with our logo,stamp and signature,also it is possible to cite your stamp and signature in that.
EC price: each certificate 10 Euro.


All Conferences are under cover of Science Explorer TM.
We can confirm Conference Scientific Quality.
All euro certificate holders,will participate in Sceience Explorer Scientific in the annual Grant lottery. this lottery will done at DECEMBER.
Grant is 300 USD for 2015 and for 5 Peoples.


With best regards
 Science Explorer EC Qroup