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Dear Researchers,

This is confirmation panel of Euro Science Certificates that Issued in different conferences around the world. From 2015 only below conferences and certificates are confirmed by Science Explorer TM .
We are unable to confirm more Certificates Unlisted below.


1. International conferences on heart Heart Surgery- Germany

2. International Conference on Advances in Engineering and Basic Sciences-Iran

3. 2th-International Conference on Advances in Engineering and Basic Sciences-United Kingdom

4.1st National Conference of Technology Developments on Electronical-Iran

5. National Conference on Advances in Management and Accounting-Iran

6. Second Conference on human Sciences- Canada

7. The First National Conference of Medicinal herbs,Traditional medicine and Organic agriculture-Iran

8. e-Second National Conference of planning,Protecting and Conserving Environment and Stable Development-Iran

9. The Second National Conference of Architecture,Construction and Urban Environment-Iran

10. The First National Conference of Environmental Assessment,Management Planning in IRAN-Iran

11. Urban planning,urban management,sustainable development-Iran

12. Geography,Tourism,Natural resources and Sustainable Development-Iran

13. Internationl Conference on agroforestry- Spain

14. First national conferences urban planning,urban management and sustainable development

15. First National Conference on Geography,tourism,natural resources and sustainable development